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Here, at Insetta Boatworks, our philosophy is simple; use the highest quality materials and the best workmanship possible to produce some of the best boats on the market. This philosophy resonates through the entire process of building a boat, from the very first drawing all the way to installing the last screw. Our team, both on the design side and on the construction side, understands the rigors and stresses a boat faces throughout its life. That’s why we make no compromises in constructing a boat that will stand up to those adverse conditions. Here’s how we do it.

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Hull and Deck Construction

Each and every fiberglass part Insetta Boatworks produces is vacuum infused. Be it the hull, deck, console, or even a bulkhead or battery tray, the part is created using the vacuum infusion process. This process helps create laminates that are both lightweight and very strong.

We also only use high quality Epoxy Vinyl Ester resin and closed cell PVC foam core. Here, at American Marine Design, we use Epoxy Vinyl Ester throughout the entirety of the part because we believe it creates the strongest, best quality finished product. The closed cell PVC foam core is strong and lightweight, and will not absorb water if there is ever a puncture.

The hull is constructed with full beam bulkheads that span chine to chine and keel to gunwale. When the one-piece deck is fit on to the hull it is not only bonded fully around the shear line with a shoe-box fit, but is also cradled and bonded to each of the bulkheads. This construction technique virtually turns the hull and deck into a one-piece, rugged and robust part ready to face anything it meets offshore.

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Small Parts

Our philosophy of using the best materials and workmanship continues on into the construction of all our small parts. All of the parts we produce in house are made using the same techniques and materials as the hull and deck. No compromises, no shortcuts.

For the few parts that we have built for us, we only use the best quality and most reputable vendors. Teak Isle Manufacturing is a great example of this. With a 25 year history of designing and manufacturing custom CNC cut products, we are only one of the many high end boat manufacturers that rely on Teak Isle for their craftsmanship and quality.

Hardware and Systems

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We could produce the best looking, strongest parts out there, but if the hardware we use to hold it down corrodes and breaks, it would be all for naught. That’s why we only use 316 stainless steel in as many applications as possible. Many times a choice on which hinge to use or which latch to go with will be decided by whether it was made using 100% 316 stainless steel.

A weak link on a boat can also be in its systems. Pumping, power, electronics, lighting… all of these systems need to work and need to be as reliable as possible. That’s why we only use yacht grade pumps, glass mat batteries, state of the art electronics, and all LED lighting. The time and effort we spend up front on incorporating these items will resonate through the life of the boat as it provides years of dependable service.

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