Victor Insetta

Owner, President

Victor is originally from Brooklyn, NY where he attended Brooklyn Technical High School. It was there that he learned not only academia, but also hands on craftmanship. He attended Brooklyn College with twin majors in Physics and Economics. He later founded American Technical Ceramics (ATC) in 1964 with an initial investment of $100. He grew ATC into a multi-million dollar company that produced small electrical components that outperformed comparable components produced by it's large competitors. Victor has always had a passion for boat building and actual started American Marine Design in the back of his electronics shop where he would go to work on his boats when he needed a break! When he sold ATC in 2007 he turned his focus 100% on building a large, efficient, production boat that would revolutionize the way people looked at catamarans. Having a passion for racing boats since age 15 when he built his first racing hull, he wanted this boat to have it's roots in offshore racing. Victor also enjoys diving in the Bahamas and taking people fishing and exploring. With these two aspects of boating in mind, he set out to create a comfortable, rugged, go fast center console catamaran that would be at home both inshore and offshore. Victor now lives in Jacksonville, FL and enjoys to cruise on his yacht in the islands when he is not at AMD working on our next innovation.

Bryan Folsom

Vice President and Design Engineer

Bryan is originally from Pensacola, FL and now calls Jacksonville his home. He graduated from Mercer University with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and has been with AMD since 2010. He is an accomplished woodworker and enjoys building fine hardwood furniture when he's not designing boats. Bryan has enjoyed the water his whole life and loves to surf when the waters rough and fish when the surf is bad. 

Jeffrey Spangler

Sales Manager

Jeffrey is a native of St. Marys, GA where American Marine Design is located. He attended Georgia Southern University before becoming a PGA Teaching Pro. Jeffrey has been with AMD since 2008 where he has learned the boat building process inside and out. He is an avid fisherman and hunter and also enjoys to play golf and softball on the weekends.

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